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Orange Clouds

Our mission

We want our customer to experience heaven on earth

Nevaeh On Earth is a wellness brand that focuses on healing from a holistic approach. Our goal is to assist you in creating your experience of heaven on earth. We do this with out natural product line as well as our coaching sessions. It is our hope to have the kind of  impact that touches individuals, communities, and the world.

Meet our CEO

Dr. Nicole Thomas, Certified Life Coach

10 years ago I could not walk from my bed to my bathroom without getting winded. I later found out I was sick with Gastroesophageal reflux disease which causes severe respiratory problems. I asked God to heal me. I kept hearing "heal thy self". There began my journey of discovering everything we need to live a life of vitality was already given to us. 

I am Dr. Nicole Thomas a certified professional life coach and herbest. I have been assisting people find hevaeh on earth for themselves over the last 10 years. I began on my journey of healing from within. This showed me the power of looking at our past and how the affect the way we exists today. This allowed me not only to heal myself mentally but in that I learned more about treating my being better. From there I went on to start healing using the herbs that God provided us with. This is when I started to create my wellness products that I use daily. My life has drastically since my journey began and I look forwards to us moving forwards in life together.

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