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Experience Heaven on Earth

Life coaching + All natural wellness products

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Our mission?

our customer to experience heaven on earth

Nevaeh On Earth is a wellness brand that focuses on healing from a holistic approach. Our goal is to assist you in creating your experience of heaven on earth. We do this with out natural product line as well as our coaching sessions. It is our hope to have the kind of  impact that touches individuals, communities, and the world.

Grown on Purpose

Life coaching and intuitive guidance to assist you in creating heaven on earth in your mind and spirit


Oracle Card Reading

1 on 1 session

Need immediate clarity, or have a topic in mind that you want answers on? An oracle card reading is perfect for you. In this 1 on 1 session you and Dr Nicole will channel into your spirit and the divine to hopefully give you the clarity to assist you on your journey. 


Intuitive Life Coaching

1 on 1 coaching

Want a coach who not only listens to what you say but can chime into your spirit? Dr. Nicole Thomas is a certified life coach and is also intuitive which help when assisting you in working through suppressed emotions. She will assist navigate you through your healing by asking you questions to help bring you to the answers within. 

All natural wellness products

Hand crafted with love our product line is meant to assist you in experience heaven on earth in your body and spirt


Sea moss

for skin care

"Sea moss is a bit of a skincare powerhouse," according to  Dr. David Jack. "Being rich in sulfur, it has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial functions1, so is believed to help with balancing the skin microbiome (another major topic of discussion in the world of skin health this year!)." He explains that the high sulfur content also can decrease the excessive production of sebum (oil) in the skin. Together with the antibacterial effect on P. Acne bacteria, it may help reduce the severity of acne in people who suffer from this condition.

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Sea moss

for the body

Promotes healthy: teeth, arteriosclerosis, blood, dry & rough skin, bones, radiation poisoning thyroid, recovery from cancer, diabetes, weight loss, cold & flu, nourishes  skin, eczema, rashes, sunburn, psoriasis, dysentery, 

halitosis, inflammation, varicose veins, duodenal ulcers

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