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Aromatherapy has been used for centuries. Our senses are a powerful tool and can often trigger emotions and feelings within our bodies that inspire moods and feelings.

Essential oil blends

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    • Wealth oil- Frankinson, patchouli, cinnamon
    • Joy oil- Frankinson, mullein, St. John's wort
    • Peace oil- Frankinson, cymbopogon, chamomile, ocimum tenuiflorum
    • Love oil - Frankinson, rose, patchouli
    • Weath Oil: If you are looking for assistants tapping into the energy of prosperity and connecting with your Solor Plexus Chakra this could be your product. This product may induce the feeling of wealth and help you connect to prosperity of this universe.  
    • Joy: This wonderful oil could spark and induce the feeling of joy. The aroma may assist you in being intune with your Sacral Chakra. It's time to open up to the joy that's waiting for you.
    • Peace: Every scent has the ability to induce a feeling within. This oil may assist in feeling peaceful and at ease. If you are looking for assistant connected with your Root Chakra this may be the one for you.
    • Love Oil: This oil has inspired so many of our clients to tap into and open their Heart Chakras. The aroma of this oil could ignite the feeling of love within you. This  could be one of your must haves if you are looking to attract more love in any area of your life.
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